Doors are closing soon!

I’m super excited to tell you all about my number one resource for creating success & abundance in your business!
Leonie Dawson’s Brilliant Biz & Life Academy is absolutely packed full of courses, workshops, workbooks and MORE. There’s SO much goodness in there & SO many ways it can help you & your business buuuut doors are closing verrrrry soon!
So if you’ve been thinking of joining THE essential program for peeps wanting to start or grow their business… you need to act QUICKLY.
It’s genuinely the most affordable, comprehensive & deliciously useful invention around for entrepreneurs!

brilliant academy

Currently it’s ONLY NINETY-NINE BUCKS per year… for over $5,000+ of Leonie’s powerful, proven & popular business, marketing & creativity programs.
So… What do you get? Honestly it’s probably easier to ask what DON’T you get, because Leonie has you totally covered!

And these aren’t quick & dirty programs haphazardly put together for the sake of looking like the Academy is full. No no no. Leonie has been creating these courses since 2018 (and creating courses in general since 2008 – she is the eCourse Goddess!!!) and they’ve been bought by literally THOUSANDS of happy customers.

These are powerful, proven and popular programs that are incredibly
comprehensive, all for $99US a year. As sooo many of Leonie’s students (including me!) say: These give just as much & even more value than $2,000 programs!
So please don’t miss out on joining, because you’ll be missing out on SO much more than just a membership. You’ll miss out on connection, accountability, fast-tracked growth, business success and some of the deepest belly laughs you’ve ever had.
In three words? Totally worth it.
It’s time we make miracles happen!

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