Flash & Flex Developer's Magazine

Flash & Flex Developer’s Magazine

This is a highly informative magazine that has something for every Flash and Flex professional. While the January issue does lean heavily on the more technical and code side of things, there are articles of interest to designers as well. Some animation, some case studies and reviews. The review of Flash CS4 was particularly well done and clearly written by someone who has a lot of Flash experience.

I didn’t get a chance to review the included CD as my copy of the magazine was a pdf file – but wow! According to the list, there are a lot of neat and useful trials, project files and applications on the cd.

Overall, I found the magazine to be extremely informative and detail oriented. Articles didn’t just whitewash over things but actually covered pro’s and cons thoroughly. And not just of obscure topics but things that are useful on  a day to day basis like: what is Flex? How to use the XML Loader Class. Should I upgrade to Flash CS4? Flash and Flex SEO. Making Flash games for the Wii. And so on.

Highly recommended and I can’t wait to get my hands on the next issue.

Reviewed by:
Paula R. Mould
Flash Developer

Visit the website: http://www.ffdmag.com

Please note future changes to the magazine include:

More pages – 100 pages (was 84)

They will be getting rid of the CD – the new download section is going to be open to all FFD members.Bi-monthly(was quarterly)

http://forum-en.ffdmag.com/ – FFD Forum where you can find some answers to the questions, or you can help others.

The article submission to the June issue #4 (3/2009) is opened – feel free to send your article idea. ( The title submission deadline is 13th February, the final deadline is 19th February).

New pdf subscription offer for just 7.99 (per 6 issues)  http://www.ffdmag.com/prt/view/subscribe.html

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