Bingo as a Timeless Symbol of Female Self-Sufficiency

How women and bingo have relied on each other throughout history

One of the biggest changes in history that has swept through society is the dramatic alteration of women’s roles in the community. Around 50 years ago, women were expected to play the one-dimensional role of being a housewife and looking after their husband and children. Nowadays, however, they are steadily claiming their rightful places in different areas of society after decades of struggle.

Bingo is one field that has recently opened up a niche for women in the workforce. According to bingo information resource Bingo Reviewer, the game has always been greatly slanted towards women, who make up around 90% of bingo players. Gaming corporations have started using this finding to put more women frontline developers in the online bingo industry, seeing as they know how best to appeal to players of their own gender. For instance, Las Vegas’ renowned Rampart Casino has just appointed Joanne Farwell – a woman and an experienced game handler – as bingo manager in anticipation of the establishment’s new Bingo Room opening this year. Bingo outlets have also featured attractions that are expected to draw in more of its target female market. Top UK online gaming site Iceland Bingo recently launched a television marketing campaign with ads that show numerous glamorous ladies at bingo parties, while the eminent Plaza Hotel and Casino (the only location with a bingo hall in downtown Vegas) places its bingo hall across from a female-only salon to catch the eye of their clientele.

Even long before the mass entry of women into the labor force, bingo already represented a world where all ladies were welcome, a sort of Fight Club for females, if you will. Bingo halls were places where they could discuss the everyday joys and pains of life whilst striking off numbers from their cards. More than actually winning and acquiring monetary rewards, the friendship formed and gained from many years of playing is probably the reason why bingo draws loyal customers all over the world. Seen that way, the employment of female developers these past few years becomes just another chapter in bingo’s long history as an ally of womenfolk across the globe.

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