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Web Designer's Success Guide

Web Designer's Success Guide:
< how to profit from freelance web design />

Web Designer's Success Guide
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Web Designer's Success Guide: how to profit from freelance web design
by Kevin Airgid

Paperback: 81 pages
Publisher: Airgid Media Inc. (August 2005)

FlashGoddess Review:
After attending industry expert, Kevin Airgid's recent talk at FITC, I thought it would be a good idea to check out his latest book, Web Designer's Success Guide: how to profit from freelance web design.

Web Designer's Success Guide is a light read but loaded with valuable information. If you're just starting out freelancing or thinking of taking the plunge, this is the book for you. I've been a freelancer for over 6 years now and found quite a few helpful tips.

Kevin gives you advice on managing clients and projects, pricing, managing the creative process, etc. He even gives step by step instructions on installing PHPMailist, installing WordPress blog software and instructions on using Contribute. I enjoyed his “Office on the Cheap” chapter and now have a great idea for a new desk! Also included are interviews with industry leaders, Jason Vaughn, CreativePublic.com, Kirill Brusilovsky www.crossmind.net and Jason Arber PixelSurgeon.com. Interesting articles by scriptygoddess Jennifer Stuart and Scott Allen thevirtualhandshake.com are also in the book.

Web Designer's Success Guide is definitely a must for anyone starting out as a freelance web designer.

for more info visit book.airgid.com

About the author:
Kevin Airgid is an internationally recognized interactive designer. He has created interactive projects for the Amnesty International, Bell Canada, Buick, Cadillac, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Chevrolet, Detroit Tigers, NFL, Lexus, Marriott Hotel, McGraw-Hill, Ford Mercury, Jeep, Siemens, and Toyota .

Kevin is the recipient of several national design awards and has been featured in the Macromedia Showcase, Digital Creative Arts Magazine and Communication Arts. Kevin is the author of Web Designers Success Guide: How to profit from freelance web design. Kevin is also is a contributing author in Flash 5 Studio, Using Flash 5, and is the co-author of Flash 99% Good: A Macromedia Flash Usability Guide. Kevin has also written and lectured about web design for various organizations around the world. Kevin holds a degree in Visual Arts from the University of Western Ontario .

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review by:
Ann-Marie Cheung
Freelance Creative